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Gardner Sage Library

Constructed in 1873, the Gardner A. Sage Library is the original library of the New Brunswick Theological Library, one of the oldest seminaries in the United States. European-trained architect Dietlef Lienau designed the building in the Romanesque, basilica style that was popular in Central Europe in the mid-nineteenth century. The Sage Library houses the Seminary's special collections including bibles from every country in the world, written in every language, and includes a room devoted to books of religious art. The Gardner Sage Library contains over one hundred fifty thousand books and over ten thousand bound periodicals, including three hundred periodicals on current subscription. More than one thousand additional publications are accessioned annually. This collection of theological works is ecumenically rich, and supplemented by unusually strong resources in the Classics, fine arts, social sciences, Dutch and Dutch Colonial Studies, and Reformed Church History. This collection is augmented by reciprocal borrowing rights with the Rutgers University library system.

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